The Circle app is designed to ensure the safety of loved ones.
You can join in circles that will allow with your permission to see your location on map.

Correspond in the General chat of the circle to receive notifications, when a member of the circle is going to crash or it will drain the battery life. The application can be extended by connecting additional devices, such as children's watches.

Application for your convenience is divided into 3 parts
Left side menu

Access to General sections that are not specific to a particular circle. A list is displayed here everything your circles, the ability to join a circle, General application settings, help and registration. Also, in the left menu, you can set your name and avatar, they will be common to all circles.


A map is displayed at the head of any circle. Active button in the bottom right corner shows a list of additional circle possibilities

Member of the circle

Circle without members does not make sense, click on the icon member on the map or from the list participants at the bottom of the screen will open access to the third section, the section of the circle. Therein section you can see basic information about the member. View history movements party, build an route or to customize user interaction.

For the correct operation of the application, on Android phones, you must add it to the exceptions "battery consumption optimizer." This feature prevents apps from running in the background mode. On individual phones, there are additional limitations of the application. Added directly by the manufacturer. You can use our assistant in the settings applications. It will show you what permissions are required for the application to work properly.


Create a new circle

The list of all circles can be viewed in the left side menu by clicking on the menu button. Or swipe from the left edge of the screen, to the right.
  • Go to the menu
  • Click on the "Add" button
  • In the pop-up window, write the name of the circle, or choose from popular names
  • Click the "create" button

The administrator of the circle

The user who created the circle is its administrator. The administrator can delete other members of the circle. Change the administrator of the circle can be in the settings of the circle and do it can only himself administrator.
  • On the main circle screen, press the round button bottom right corner of the screen
  • In the drop-down list of circle options at the bottom, click the circle "Settings button"
  • If you are an administrator, you will see a list of all members of the circle in the "Select section circle administrator»
  • Select the member you want to make an administrator

Add a member to a circle

You can add a member to a circle in several ways
  • 1a. When you create a new circle, you have an assistant window. With possible options actions. One option Invite loved ones to provide them security
  • 1b. Press the circle button in the lower right corner and in the circle's feature list, section "Members" click on in the upper right corner.
  • 2. When you open the screen, an invitation code will be generated in the circle, report this code personally or send by any messenger. The user will have to install the application and enter this invitation code. The invitation code is only valid for 3 days! One code each you can invite only one member!
For your convenience, a QR code of the invitation is also generated. If the member scans it, it will automatically enter the circle.

Joining the circle

If you are invited to the circle,
  • You need to install the application by the link
  • In the pop-up window, select "join circle" or if the window does not open, in the menu section select the "join the circle" section
  • If you have an invitation code, enter it if the member's phone number is nearby, you can scan the QR code from its screen to automatically enter the circle.

Out of the circle

  • Press the round control button in the lower right corner of the circle's main screen.
  • In the list of the main features of the circle, select "Circle settings"
  • Scroll down the screen and press "Circle exit"

To exclude the member from the circle

Attention! Exclude from the circle can only administrator
  • Click the icon of the member you want to exclude
  • In the member's leaving screen, at the bottom, click the "Exclude from circle" button

Removing a circle

Attention! The circle will be deleted if you are the only member. Before complete delete of the circle, You we need to eliminate all members.
  • Press the round control button in the lower right corner of the circle's main screen.
  • In the list of the main features of the circle, select "Circle settings"
  • Scroll down and press the "Circle delete"

Avatar and Name

To set your avatar

  • Go to the Menu
  • Click on the circle with the image. A window opens with the choice of avatar
  • Choose your favorite image or upload a photo
After you change the avatar it will be updated from other users within 1-2 minutes

To set your name

  • Go to the Menu
  • Click on
  • Enter a name in the text box that appears
  • Click the button to save

Member of the circle

Information about the member of the circle POPs up after clicking on the marker of the circle or the list of members in bottom of the map. The information panel leaves not completely, and the marker of the member sets its position in the center of the screen. In this mode, the map will automatically move to member.

Information about the member is updated automatically.

Available information:

  • The location of the user
  • Approximate address
  • Coordinate accuracy
  • Battery charge

Available settings:

  • Accidents and speeding

    You will receive a notification if the user gets into an accident or exceeds the speed

  • Low battery

    When low battery or if the user turned off or turned on the phone, you will receive notifications

  • Panic button

    If the user presses the panic button you will have a strong beep sound signal.

  • Emergency calls

    Allow user to make emergency calls. If this option is enabled, it will be able to forcibly connect to the phone via VoIP telephony. And on speakerphone to tell you something.

If you are an administrator, at the bottom you will have a button to exclude a member from the circle.

Emergency calls

Emergency call allows you to contact the user if he does not answer the phone. Or are you sure, that the participant is in an emergency and needs help. The call is made by

VoIP telephony, requires Internet to work.

  • Go to user profile
  • Click the icon
  • Select enable or disable your microphone and make a call with or without video.
  • Click on call

During a video call, you can switch the camera from front to back. Switching can take 1 to 5 seconds depending on the quality of the Internet.

In the free version, the call time is limited. In premium 10 min.

Get directions

  • Go to user profile
  • Click the icon
  • The route will be automatically built on the car. If you want to make a route on foot, click on the button of the same name

History of movement

  • Go to user profile
  • Click the icon
  • Selected date. By moving the slider you can view the user's movement on the map.

Places (Geofences)

Creating a place

  • Open the control button in the lower right corner of the map
  • The list of features of a circle, select the "Place"
  • At the top right, click
  • The map screen appears. Specify the name of the new location, icon and radius. Moving map you can change the position of the place.
Due to the peculiarities of GPS operation on different phones, do not put a small radius of places. If you receive notifications that users leave or come to a place, do not moving. Increase the radius of the place.

Editing and deleting a place

You can change the name and place icon.
  • Open the control button in the lower right corner of the map
  • The list of features of a circle, select the "Place"
  • Select the place you want to edit and click on it.
  • Write a new name or select another icon and click "Save"
To delete a location, follow steps 1-3 and click the "Delete" button

Panic button

If something happens to You, or you urgently need to attract the attention of the circle, you can press the panic button. You can click it by selecting a section in the circle's feature list «Panic button»

For quick access to the alarm button, you can select the "Show on map" switch

If the settings of the circle You have selected "Show in notification circle". Button the alarm will be available in the notification list, on the lock screen. This will take advantage of it immediately not waiting for the phone to open.

General application settings

Application styling

The locator provides a choice of 15 accent colors. In order to change color, click on any color square you like. Keep in mind, some colors will be changed only after restarting the application.

Background image

By default, we use freely distributed nature images in the header of the application. They can change automatically. You can set your photo or photo loved ones. After setting the background, you can reset it by clicking on the icon

Settings assistant

The application uses a lot of phone functions, and not every user can competently set up the correct operation. To simplify, we came up with a special assistant. It will help configure the app to work properly.

The assistant includes three sections
  • Location quality
  • Permissions
  • Background work
If you see the wrench in the section , o maybe You have a problem with settings. After clicking on that wrench, the assistant will attempt to automatically correct the problem. Follow the assistant's instructions.

To change the map

You can change the card provider, the application supports three providers

  • Google maps
  • OSM
  • Yandex maps only for CIS countries

Kid Mode

To track the location of the child, you can enable the kid mode. In Kid mode, the child's phone will only give information about yourself. The child will not have access to the map. Only chat, and panic button.


Access to the app can be restricted by PIN code. If the PIN is set, sign in to the app will be available only after entering this code.

Driving safety

Activated mode allows you to activate a special mode while driving. To disable this this option is useful if the participants do not move in the car. This will save the charge battary. After changing the value, it is advisable to restart the application.

Authorization in the application

If you do not plan to use this phone permanently, or want to continue access the app from any phone, just register in the app.

To register, you must specify the Email address to which the confirmation will be sent. If you are registered in the app, it will be easier for you to find support and process Your request.

Email address is not available to other users and is not used anywhere in the application. Maybe we will use it in emergency (accident, alarm, etc.) for a comprehensive notification of the member circle.


Premium mode is a paid annual subscription. It allows you to disable all restrictions in app. You become part of the community. All new features and capabilities of the app, will be available to you first. You can offer your features for integration, and if they will be approved. We integrate them into premium mode.

Premium removes all limitations in the app and puts You and your circles in priority when processing requests. After all, for someone even a fraction of a second matter!

For us, premium is an opportunity to give you something new, to improve the quality of work applications and ensure your effective security!

If you have a difficult financial situation contact us, we will try to make you personal price offer. After all, everyone's safety is important for us!